-Order a pizza through Demae Channel :)

-Fix my SD card situation (I ordered one that is too big :( )

-Wii on the Web

Wii modding!!

Wiis have a fun and memorable game library, including many retro games and fun games to play together. Everyone has one, so you know! It is also very easy to mod- which allows you to get those games for free in addition to other helpful and fun software.

I modded my Wii because I am a cheap ass bitch who didn't want to pay for games. You can be a cheap ass bitch with me by modding your Wii. :)

My current setup:

(WBFS) Loader: Wii Flow

(WAD) Loader: Wii Mod Lite

IOS Configuration: d2x cIOS

Boot2: No

Trucha Bug: No