Hello and welcome to Roar News! We are glad to see you again today, continued viewer. Today we have some highly unusual news. California is facing a hurricane, Hurricane Hilary! This is not a first for California, but it is a first for us here at Roar News. Luckily, our studio will not be rocked by such events- rather, we are graced with high humidity and some light rain in the morning. I don't like the humidity, personally- it does horrors to my mane. You cannot beat that! But, our hearts go out to all those effected by the weather events of this year, like the hurricane and the wildfires in Maui. The earth is growing hotter, viewer... Save the earth. Thank you for tuning in today to Roar News! One final word- regarding our news page. There will be a "Previous News" tab coming soon so you can view all past news. Thank you!