8/5/23-Today is Saturday the 5th. I haven't updated blogs in a little while, so I am happy to be back! I have gotten a new laptop, so I will be able to update this site wherever I go! :) I am working on Retropolis and polishing up some of my other pages on this site. I won't disappear for so long again! My interest really ebbs and flows, and that is just how I am. My life is getting pretty exciting. Soon I am starting college! I am thrilled to start a new chapter in my life and begin to pursue more of what I love. May this site be a testament to my journey. :)
6/9/23-Today is Friday the 9th. Today I woke up, made a new coffee recipe, which was my own version of the brown sugar shaken espresso from starbucks. Then, I ate breakfast and went to the gym. I then practiced driving and went to the grocery store. After the grocery store, I went to work and worked until the evening. But after that, I got down to work on this website! I worked on Blinkie Hell, Previous Blogs, and more assets for my site. I'm very happy with how this is going! Please stay with me on this journey for more. :)
1/19/23-Today is Thursday the 19th. It sure has been a moment. I'm sorry! School has been picking up considerably for me and I haven't had much time to do anything, but I am catching a break at the moment and now I can drop in! :) So! How's everyone doing? Good I hope. I love anyone who is just stopping by my website and reading over my silly thoughts. Yall are wonderful! :) I am trying to balance out my life some more. I want to bring some personality back to ISC and to make my internet corner mine again. Right now I feel like I just walked into my house after a long vacation and the house is cold and you are nose blind to the smell of your own home, sort of like that. But hey, I'm moving back in :)
20/1/22- Today is Monday the 11th. I have been gone for a while now. Its hard to juggle all I have been over the last few months. My life has been so, so busy! Last week was the art show. I worked a few nights after school to help set up. My art teacher really appreciated my help, which was great. I got some extra credit for that. I even got to watch his dog during the art show, which is great because I love Josie! Josie Bear is my art teacher's dog. The art show itself was amazing too. There were so many talented people with art on display! I'm amazed about how good people are. Its just incredible. And, I won three merit ribbons!! I'm so proud of myself and my hard work that I did. I worked hard to get there, and it all paid off very well. :D But after the week was done, it is spring break. That's where I am now. That's why I am able to be here! I regret not updating ISC so much. I wish I will be here more in the future! I just need to stop and give myself a little break from time to time! I don't do that enough, for I'm feeling burnt out with school. I can't get burnt out before finals, though- I need to push through and then I'll be FREE!
20/1/22-Today is Thursday the 20th. Man, I never seem to finish anything! I keep bouncing around between this site and my others. It always happens when I get bored with one and then move on to the next project. But there can't always be the next new project! I need to focus! I will write more on Project Viper today and maybe do some illustrations for Retropolis. I will do it eventually, it seems to me. Life has been a little crazy with moving back into the house and all that, but now I'm all settled in and ready to get back to work again. But I suppose that's what I always say. Oh well! Stay tuned.
13/1/22-Today is Thursday the 13th. Hello and welcome back to me!! I haven't been on Neocities much lately, life has just been crazy. I have been moving about because of the construction on our house. My computer is currently packed away, so I'm writing this on my chromebook right now from school. I haven't been very well, since I've been so stressed, but as the construction is over, things can calm down again. Once my house is back together, ISC can resume in all its greatness and entirety! Yas. Am I right? Of course I am, I'm always right. I just need to stick on the commitment, which is something a little hard for me obviously, heh. You have seen that- as I have disappeared periodically over the existance of this site. But don't worry, I am always still alive. :) I'm in there somewhere.
11/17/21-Today is Friday the 17th. I am finally done with all of my finals! I am free! I am happy! I am going to be able to enjoy myself for a little while. And better yet, Christmas is almost here. I encourage all of you to bust open those sugar cookies, put on that holiday movie, and wrap yourself up in a warm blanket. You deserve it, finals or not. You deserve to relax- I do too!
I am going to start really working on this site again. I had sort of neglected it in some regards for a while. I am excited to be back home, as always. So, I am going to work more on Retropolis and Project Viper and everything else I have started and not finished. I also have some stories to share here, too! So check those out on the Stories page once I have uploaded them. I have a lot to do, but its gonna be great. Never was a cloudy day!
11/16/21-Today is Tuesday the 16th. Therapy was yesterday, and having someone like that certainly provides me much great insight about my life and helps guide me where I need to be. She has helped me realize the value of every day. The anxiety I feel from feeling like I am running out of time quickly must be countered by my love for every day I live. Therefore, I am going to enjoy every day as if it is my first and last. I am making a commitment to not stay inside so much in my room, even if my room is my safe space. I must have experiences, not sadness! :) I am going to stakeboard every Sunday, and hang out with a friend at least once a week. I am going to make new friends, and cut out the bad one. I am going to study, play music, make art, and do everything I love. That is what I am going to do instead!
11/3/21-Today is Wednesday the 3rd. Today, I had a pretty good day. I am feeling better mentally, making progress on my artworks, and getting more enjoyment out of life finally. Today, I did well on a test, painted some, and made up a test that I missed. For now, I am doing better. This is a challenging world, but I'm navigating it one step at a time.
College is on my mind. I will have to begin applying soon. I hope to find the college that is right for me and not have to move across the country or anything like that. Yay debt! But of course, the opportunities that I gain there will greatly benefit me in every way possible. That little pink victorian is within reach, someday :)
10/20/21-Today is Thursday the 20th. I am realizing yet again that I am missing some sort of major life skill. I don't know how to genuinely connect with people. I know how to make small talk, entertain, and put energy into the conversation better than I have ever been able to do, but it never goes any further than that. I hate being as lonely as I am. I am never fufilled and happy when I am on my own. I want someone to want me. I want someone to think about me how I wish to think about someone else. I want someone to hug me. Someone please hug me.
10/16/21-Today is Saturday the 16th. Today was an absolutely exhausting day. Work was super busy and I did nothing but study when I came home. I am really, really tired today. But I will write because ISC is my outlet.
Peoplewatching at the farm is always so interesting. People always bring their screaming children to the farm and expect an orange vegetable to make them happier. Well, it works 50% of the time.
I have been successful in getting a tutor! :) I am starting this week, and I am glad to finally be able to get some help in math. Unfortunately it is over zoom, which is not a preferable situation by any means, but I have to make the best of it. I'm just happy that I did the brave thing of asking for help. I just gotta survive this week's test.
I have been interested in getting into the world of crystals. I find crystals so fascinating and beautiful and I would love to learn about their properties and all of that. Witchcraft is also fascinating to me. Although I'm not sure- I'm too much of a science person, but I would love to learn about certain things like affirmations and practice meditation and other sorts of things. Maybe this will become a new section of my site. We'll just have to wait and see :)
10/13/21-Today is Wednesday the 13th. Today was a good day, for sure. It was oddly normal, but I feel like I made some progress in my sense of self. I finally came to the realization that asking for help does not mean I am less self assured or that I rely on people too much. Asking for help is a brave act, one that I believe I was avoiding. On my journey to really gain my confidence beyond what I have now, I have done a lot of growing for the better. I am still working on being happy in my own company, but I am now more comfortable in the company of others than ever before. I'm not afraid to be myself, I'm not afraid to look people in the eyes. I am me and that is the best part about me.
Therapy is not bullshit, I will tell you that. It has improved my state of being significantly. If you are on the fence about going to therapy, do it! There are so many things you can learn from it, both about the world and about yourself. It may sometimes be expensive and uncomfortable, but do it if you feel like you need it.
I also fell asleep in health class today, so that was pretty great :)
This week is almost over. I have much to do still- a test tomorrow (which I am going to nail) and a long work weekend. But I will be okay. I will manage all of this the best of my ability. Also, good news! I am getting a tutor. That was where I was coming from in the beginning of today's journal! :)
10/12/21-Today is Tuesday the 12th. Today was a rather average day, but school was interesting though. I ate soup for lunch, had a careless substitute teacher, went to Gay Straight Alliance, and worked on an interesting project in English. Apart from math, I am doing fantastic in school! I hope to get even better.
I am also working on a painting in art class. It is an interesting painting in my opinion, a painting of a venus fly trap with a broken baby bottle in a 70s kitchen. It is about danger on the homefront in the nuclear age. I am almost done, and I will post it here when it is completed! I just have the background- the kitchen left to do. I am excited to finally finish it after so long. Next, I am not sure what I am painting. But I have a few ideas.
Today at GSA, there was a straight ally. Nothing against that, but he made us clap for him, which was a little strange.
The substitute teacher literally told us "I don't care what you do, just be quiet." I spent the period drawing because I had nothing better to do. :) It was fun and I drew something halfway decent freehand. I'm trying to get better at freehanding and contouring. I do not mean freehanding as in not tracing, that is not what that means. Freehanding is the ability to draw without the help of shapes and guidelines. It is not a necessary skill to have, but it can make you drawing quicker if you know what you are doing.
My mental health has been so much better lately. My therapist is a goddess. Wallowing in my own sadness, I have found, does nothing. I finally have coping mechanisms. I also went to see a therapist outside of school, because I cannot go to the school therapist for much longer. I only get 6 sessions with her. But the new one outside of school was a little odd. She made me listen to weird music and there were like 4 posters about chakras on her walls. I hope she doesn't make me get all spiritual. I don't need faith, I just want to be able to conquer my fears. But if I do not vibe with her, nothing is stopping me from seeing someone else besides the long ass wait times.

I gotta tell you guys about the disco party I went to. I had so much fun, and actually danced for the first time in my life! I was just jamming out to music I love and I didn't have a care in the world. Nobody was on my mind.. something that is a real rarity. This experience made me realize that I need to care for myself more. I spend too much time thinking about others to think about myself. So here I am, coming out of a disco with a whole new perspective.
9/28/21-Today is Tuesday the 28th. I am still working on the site, but lately my interests have been in other places! I feel like my interest in my individual hobbies ebbs and flows, for lately I have returned to one I have not done anything with in a while with new ferocity. Later on, perhaps this weekend after work, I will work on this site again! I'm trying my best not to get distracted by other websites I make. I'm just sticking to this an 6 Sieverts. But wait! I haven't linked 6 Sieverts yet! Go down to the links page to take a look at my other website. It contains one of my other interests, particularly collecting. Take a look!
But as far as me, I have been a little better lately. I have been going to therapy and its going really well for me :) I'm doing my best to improve my state of mind and my skills coping with my issues in life. I hope to improve even more in the future.
The weather has been very nice lately! It is finally cooling down from the hot California summer to a cool fall and winter. It even rained last night! I'm so happy that the environment is finally going to get rain! We really need it here in California. The drought and fire risk is very bad right now. We are literally on fire and it is very stressful to watch and deal with. The environment stresses me out sometimes. Some of the fires are calming down though, and luckily we did not lose Lake Tahoe.
But overall, life is on the up and up for me. I hope to make some new friends and make my life even better.
9/14/21-Today is Tuesday the 14th. Hey guys! :) I am back to ISC! While I was gone, I took a break from this site and worked on a few other side products. But don't worry about those quite yet- for exciting stuff is coming soon to ISC... you may be here to see the ugly middle stages of it. But don't worry, it will look incredible soon enough!!
8/13/21-Today is Friday the 13th. Oooh, spooky. Today was an interesting day. This week was interesting, actually! This week was when I started my junior year. Wednesday was my first day. I did not write because of the excitement of the time. Its a very hectic time of year, when school begins and my lifestyle shifts back into something that is more normal. I love my teachers and I'm really hoping to make some new friends this year. Today I hung out with my friends at the supermarket that is near my school. It was fun, although it felt a little bit distant. But that will change once things are all figured out. I'm trying my best to get comfortable in social settings again. Its something I definitely waited too long to do- with quarantine and all that. But I am getting there a step at a time.
7/31/21-Today is Saturday the 31st. I am back! Sorry for disappearing for the week. I simply didn't have much motivation this week. But oh well, I'm planning some more additions to pages today.
Once school starts, I may make some new pages to contain lessons that I need to study. Rewriting and typing things can be a great way to memorize, so I am figuring this will help me a lot but also give me an excuse to work on ISC! So I am happy with that idea.
I am very excited for school to start. I am getting a bit tired of just staying in my room all day and being on my computer. I don't feel like I get much done, so going somewhere daily will make me feel like I'm working towards something great again. Not that I don't like my hobbies, of course not. But I'm just yearning for a bit of variety in my day. Understandibly so- covid's been around a little too long.
Today wasn't particularly productive, but I'll find a way to make this evening productive. :)
7/24/21-Today is Saturday the 24th. Just for the record, I am going to try to be less sad on here. I'm probably going to make an unviewable page just for rants so I don't pollute my blogs with negative energy lmao. It does help a lot to get all of the feelings out somewhere, but my blog is just not the place for it. Don't worry, I'm working on it.
Anyways, today was pretty good. I visited the farmer's market and went to a couple garage sales. The farmer's market was very nice. It wasn't too horribly busy, and I got green beans and corn! So that is pretty great. After that, we went to a few sales. Those sales were very unusual today. The first one was totally normal, with just dinnerware and kid's clothes and whatnot. the second was.... interesting. It was obviously a hoarder house, and everything was dirty. But there was soo... soo much stuff. And it was strange, too. It was all toys. Bins and bins and bins of toys, dirty and probably bedbug infested. Those people didn't have kids. It was strange. The man was also a clown, so the vibes were strange. He had clown costumes and clown service stickers on his car. Thats a no from me. The third one we went to was a bit sad. The house was full of pictures of the people who had died, and it was an estate sale. All of those family pictures were for sale. It was like they didn't mean anything.
The rest of the day was relatively unproductive. I finished a drawing, played some Minecraft, so the usual unexciting things.
I am very excited to go back to school. All I want to do is see some new people and get some brand new experiences! This whole covid time has been the same old, same old for almost two years. But hopefully things will get interesting again back at school. I know it will. It always does. At least I'm not a freshman anymore. Now I can say, "ew, freshman". Someone's gotta do it. Its almost like a rite of passage for those youngins. They're probably going to be extra freshman-y since they didn't even get to experience middle school. :/ I am not excited about that but honestly it is fine. There won't be too many freshmen in the classes I'm taking anyways.
I'm pretty tired of being sick, but at least I might get some sort of diagnosis in the future. I won't say much about that here, except for how I feel about it. I'm just worried about dealing with my issues while in school. It was very difficult doing so even during online and hybrid school. But at least I will be on my feet more during school which will probably help improve my condition. I really need to start walking some more! It would really help. I'm going to go to the gym again, so that will help me. Don't worry about me too much though. I'll be fine someday. But I'm feeling a little better tonight, which is good! I'm hoping I didn't just jinx myself, but whatever. Who believes in jinxing? There's got to be some truth to it, but I am not sure.
I'm rambling, so I am going to go to bed instead of continuing much more. Good night.
7/19/21-Today is Monday the 19th. Today and yesterday wasn't all that great. I don't feel well because of health stuff and all that. I'm hoping I feel better by tomorrow. But we'll see. Sorry for the lack of content! I'm doing my best. I'm still really lonely. I'm going to hopefully see my friend on Thursday, and I hope that goes great. I know it will, for I always feel better after seeing someone and having fun. But for now, there is not a whole lot I can do besides distract myself. Why do I feel like that is all I ever do? Is that why I like mindless hobbies? I feel like discovering things about myself like this never really help, but just make me guilty instead. I could be fixing my problems, but no! Let's play another round of computer solitaire and watch a youtube video in the background. Sigh, I wish that I could do something about myself. Oh well. There is nothing I can do for now. My therapy session won't be for a while. I wish I hadn't opted out the last session. For now me ranting to my empty audience on this blog will do. :)
7/16/21-Today is Friday the 16th. Time is going much too fast. I do not like how fast time is flying by me. It stresses me out to know that soon enough, covid would be in America for 2 years. Will it ever end? I'm sure it will at some point, but I feel like its just so much.
On a different note, today was pretty ordinary. All I had to do was sit in my room. I have to watch the dog, so I'm always babysitting her. Just sitting in my room being lonely as always. Hooray. I want a partner.
7/15/21-Today is Thursday the 15th. A lot happened in the last two days. I didn't update this because life sort of got in the way one way or another. Yesterday, I finally got to see one of my friends that I haven't seen in a month. I was so happy to see her, I don't think she has any idea. I'm not always the best at communicating how I care about people but I really do care :)
Today, I had a doctors appointment. Yay! Who doesn't love going to the doctor? I sure love it. /s I won't share the details about that but things went good in some ways but not great in others.
I have had so many commissions lately. I love all of the support that my followers on instagram give me but it is a little much! I am eternally greatful though.
7/13/21-Today is Tuesday the 13th. I had a great day today. I got my new countertops in my bathroom today, which look very beautiful and I love the new look! I also went to my piano lessons. Although, I did chicken out on coming out to my teacher yet again. I decided that I am just going to come out by email instead, which is fine by me. I also had my friend over. We played Minecraft and had Mac n Cheese for dinner just like we did when we were younger. I had a great time.
As far as ISC goes, I am a little unsure about new improvements to make. Lately, I've just been adding content rather than new additions to the site. I think that is just fine though! I don't have to change the site every other day. It does feel good to change things up for the better though. I may come back and do some more color changing and what not soon for the hell of it. But I have been productive with my other hobbies. I have been writing stories lately! You can actually go read them in the Writing section of my site. Go take a look! I've always loved writing stories and just using my imagination. Even just going conceptual with my stories is a lot of fun.
I feel like I rely far too much on other people to make myself happy. There's just a void in my soul that I cannot fill myself and require someone to spend time with me to fill it. I almost wish it were not that way. I wish I could be happy just being me. Perhaps I am a little too afraid of people abandoning me too. I don't know. I feel like all I want to do is spend time with my friends and I'm sad when they are busy. Hopefully this feeling improves when I go to school and see them more often.
7/12/21-Today is Monday the 12th. Today was a busy day for me. I spent the morning and the early afternoon finishing up commissions for people on AJ IG. I am glad I am done with that, at least for now. I have like- 6 more to do which is exhausting. So much to do, so little time. Between this site, writing, coms and eventually school and work, its a lot! But it is what it is, and at least it is all things I enjoy. I also went to the gym today to work out. Working out just feels so great, I love doing it. And, I am improving my body at the same time! 10/10, would recommend. I'm keeping this short today as a lot is happening and I have so much to do. < 3
7/11/21-Today is Sunday the 11th. Today was a productive day. I woke up bright and early to go to a swap meet and found some really cool things. I bought some radium glass, a chicken tape measure, and some vintage Halloween goodie bags. To explain the chicken tape measure, its a small tape measure with a chicken on it, and the tape pull is an egg and it makes clucking noises when you pull it out! It is unique and I haven't seen one before so I figured I would snatch it. I also went to Starbucks with my friend Lauren. We talked the afternoon away and had a lot of fun. I spend too much money there, so I am interested in getting a job. The good thing is that I can go by my name and pronouns there if I do manage to get a job there! They even cover transition costs when I decide to transition! So that is great. I think that the future is bright, whatever's there. I am very happy where I am and only want things to get better.
7/10/21-Today is Saturday the 10th. I am now back from my trip camping! As much as I love that place that I stayed, I am glad to be back. I am not glad to be back in this weather though. Where I stayed in Westport, it was 60 F all day, and colder in the night once the sun goes down. Now, as I am writing this, it is 111 degrees outside. So, that is fantastic. But luckily enough, summer is not going to last forever and I won't have to endure this for that much longer.
I am happy that I am back to my website. I have so many ideas and new things coming. I know I say this a lot and often add things before I am done with others, but I just have my mind all over the place sometimes! Sometimes I just feel like I want to work on something and never finish what I already have started and that is okay. Maybe I have ADD or something like that, who knows. But I am back to working hard and learning as I go.
7/9/21-Today is Friday the 9th. I am currently writing this from the beach! I have not updated ISC in a few days because I have gone camping.I will not say where until I come back, but I am staying in a trailer and visiting the beach during the daytime. It is very beautiful there! I will upload a picture to show you what I currently see. you will not be disappointed.
When I return from my trip you will see new updates to the site again!
7/4/21-Today is Sunday the 4th. On Friday I went to my friend's birthday party, my first party in over a year! It was not a big one, they just had over their friends and we all swam in the pool and watched a movie. It was chill and I had much fun. Yesterday, I entered into art fight. If you dont know, art fight is a for fun art trade contest. Hopefully someone draws some of my characters! I've drawn one character already. I'm so excited for this. I missed the last two years and I have finally made it!
ISC might get a new start page soon. I'm working on it. :)
7/1/21-Today is Thursday the 1st. I started off today bright and early with a dentist appointment, my first in over a year. Luckily, even after my lack of quarantine routine, I did not have anything wrong my teeth! I just got the usual "YOU NEED TO FLOSS!!!" spheal. Oh well. Tomorrow is also the second to the last day of art class. I am going to miss going to the art room during the day. It was much fun and now I have to wait until summer ends to paint in the room again. I will not think about school starting any time soon, thank you very much. Tonight for dinner we got taco bell, and the people working there gave us 61 SAUCE PACKETS. But other than that, today was productive and well. :)
6/30/21-Today is Wednesday the 30th. Today, I spent my day at art class at school. I love going there. It's such a fun way to get away from my house. We moved tables into the classroom and painted all over them. I had so much fun painting the tables. I painted many things on there, including designs and characters. That was very enjoyable. When I got home, I was excited to come and work here. I have many more ideas. Unfortunately many of those ideas I am not sure how to execute, but I'll get there someday.
6/29/21-Today is Tuesday the 29th. My bad for missing out on posting here! Last week was a bit crazy. I am never totally gone, don't worry! :) Last week I had taken a day trip to San Fransisco. We visited an art museum, an antique shop, and Japantown. I love visiting different places and it is especially refreshing to visit places like that after covid! It is weird saying "after covid", and despite it not being over, I am happy to know I am vaccinated and partially safe from that threat. People are certainly more reckless now, but I will not be so foolish. I will continue to wear masks for a while, and I am not sure when I will stop. But I hope that things will be much better soon.
This week is the last week that I can visit school during the day and paint. While school starting back up is not far away, this is enough of a social event for me. I am happy about this.
I am planning to do a bit of an overhaul of the appearance of ISC in the coming days or weeks. I'm trying my best to learn more things so I can improve the appearance of my site. I'm sure it looks incredibly junior, but in a way that is what I am going for. But there are many things I can improve, still. This is my corner of the internet, anyways. I am planning to add a "stream of conciousness" section to my site. This place will be separate from blogs, and will be moreso just my thoughts on random topics and rants. Even if people are not reading this, I do wish to continue on putting out my thoughts as if people are. It doesn't disuade me, while I would love for people to interact with me here, it is not a necessity for me.
I'm also going to improve the Fun page and the menus. The menus are ugly, I'm just going to say it. There! :) I'm not entirely sure how I will remedy this yet, but I will in the future.
I'm also planning to add more diversity of content offered and also expand the amount of secrets. The secrets that I have currently are not all that clever, I will admit. But that will change soon enough. Sorry for the longer post! I just have longer thoughts for today :)
6/22/21-Today is Tuesday the 22nd. Today I got to see someone I have not seen in a very long time. My piano lessons finally went back in person and I got to see my lovely piano teacher! She was very happy to see me, and I got the first hug in around a year. It was really nice. It makes me very happy to know that some aspects of life are returning to normal. I hope things continue at the pace they are going forward. TO think that I thought that this would all be a two week vacation from school baffles me. But I am actually returning to school as normal next year. I am very happy about what is going on. And more opportunities to get out of the house, too :)
I've been busy with other projects lately, which is why I haven't been working on ISC as much. But that is alright! I will always be here in my corner of the web!
6/19/21-Today is Saturday the 19th. This week has been super crazy, so that is why I haven't been around too much! I've been out and about, seeing family, and doing plenty of errands and outings. But for now I have a little bit of a break, so I can stop and write here! :)
Today, I was supposed to have some family over for Father's day but that did not end up happening. I am actually quite relieved that I don't have to talk to those people and have them in my house maskless in this time of covid. But all is well. They are all vaccinated, but it would of been my cousins, my aunt and uncles, and all of my grandparents. That is just far too much for me. But I get comfort knowing that someday covid will be over and I can do all of these things again! Yesterday, I went antique shopping and garage saling with my grandmother. It was very fun, and I picked up a strange paper mache bird looking thing at one of the thrift stores we visited. I will upload a picture of the collections page somewhere if I get the chance :) He is a very strange little bird with no neck. Tomorrow I might not be able to do much on here either, but I am free in the week!
6/17/21-Today is Thursday the 17th. I forgot to write the last couple days! I got quite busy with other aspects of my life. I have been attending a summer art program at my school. I'm getting much better at painting through it. I am painting a portrait of a woman right now. Maybe I will show it when I am done! I really love art. Art is my passion. Sometimes it takes priority over other things, for example the last couple days I haven't been updating my site. But I am back now!
I've been a bit under the weather recently, but I'm trying to pull out of that. Everything will be okay in the end, I know.
The quizzes page may turn into something else, because I'm just not entirely all that sure for what to do with quizzes. I may just make it a gallery of art, my collections, pets, and things like that. :) I have two cats and a dog. The cats are Emma and Indie, and the dog is Charli. I love them very much, and even have some hilarious and not so flattering pictures of Charli. Stay turned if you want to see those! I will most likely do that today. I might also add a stories section, changing the poetry page to 'writing' instead. I have no idea what to write about, but it will most likely be about my characters. I could talk about my characters for literally years anyways. There are so many more things on the way!
6/14/21- Today is Monday the 14th. I slept good this morning, but I am pretty sore. My plans for today include going to my art class and painting again. It is a great opportunity to improve my skills more. Painting is important to me, just as any other medium of art that I do! I find great enjoyment out of it too. I get sore from standing that long, but the benefit outweighs the cost. And an even greater plus, Josie will be there :) I can't wait to play fetch with her again, she is so cute.
Today I am adding more content. I'm hoping to get the ISC News Station at least halfway done today. The art and the animation will take the longest. But I am very excited to see how this idea of mine will turn out. I hope you are too! If you are reading this, the comment section on the Guestbook page is up and running! Go and leave a comment, it would make my day! I'm also planning to add more features and more secrets. If you have found secrets, please let me know in the comment section too! Don't tell others where they are, but I want to know if they are too hard to find. Most can just be found by clicking random images, but I just want to make sure I'm not doing all of this work for nothing :) Some of the secrets are very bare bones at the moment, and will be added to as time goes on. For now I'm just trying to get everything set up and in the right place. Please stay tuned as always for new improvements and features!
6/13/21- Today is Sunday the 13th. Today was a very exciting day, for I visited an antique fair! There were many very interesting things there that I wanted to get, but I didn't want to go overboard with spending today. I was really excited to come back to coding this page. I have so many fun ideas to add. There are many things to come.... stay tuned!
6/11/21- Today is Friday the 11th. I created this website today! I have lots of progress still to make and things to add. If you are reading this, stay tuned for updates and fun new additions! These blog posts will be near daily, when I have the time to add them! :) Today, my activities included this website, going to the gym, and getting a milkshake. Played some Fable II also. Things to add: more pages, guestbook, general themes, decoration, and content.